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Barbara CohenBarbara retired from the City of Boston, Boston Public Schools, Health Education Program Director June 2012 after many years in the district. Before leaving she made sure the printing of the new Health Education Frameworks K-12 that she wrote over the past two years were completed and the 2011 Centers for Disease Control Boston Youth Risk Behavior Survey results were reported in her Executive Report. Barbara is pleased that through her work Boston now has condom access in their high schools.

Barbara is highly skilled in the areas of training, teaching, and counseling in Sexuality Education. She has the ability to quickly assess the needs of a new audience of 10 to 1,000 people and to speak with them at their level. Barbara has top classroom management skills with students from kindergarten through college graduate school and teaches with a theatrical flare. Most of Barbara’s work is now at the university graduate school level and in under-developed countries, as well as, Sexuality in Older Adult Communities. She is a consultant for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Schools in the area of Sex Education for school districts throughout the state.


Barbara is happy to have started SexEdConsultants where she plans to normalize Sex Education with children through adults and help make Sex Ed policy changes.

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